About SexySandslash and His Channel.

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 SexySandslash started out on youtube in 2009 after watching many pokemon videos.

He then desided to make his own. But not under the name of SexySandslash.

He Was known as Serikuto. It wasn't a terrible account, just not well known. had about 40,000 Total upload view and 68 Subscribers when he left to make SexySandslash. Within a Month he had reached 70 Subs and on His Month on being on youtube he reached 100 Subs and Released This 100 Subscriber Special.

His Current Project that he his working on is Kirby, He hasn't uploaded many yet as he has a Strict Uploading Schedule and needs to keep Orginized.

Also SexySandslash does Wifi Battles whenever he is available to and does Pokemon Card, Tin and Hopefully Soon Box Openings. He would appreciate and Help and Support if you Sent some free cards yourself or even a booster pack.

Facts about SexySandslash:

15 year old Male

Lives in the UK

Favourite Pokémon: Sandslash (lol!)

Likes Metal Music but also likes to chill to Rock and sometimes Rap when Skateboarding

Isn't Single! =D

Can Solve Rubiks Cubes

Fastest 3x3x3 Solve: 35.08 Seconds

Sexy Sandslash's Current and Upcoming Projects (In no purticular Order):


Kirby Squeak Squad

Pokémon Leaf Green - Sandslash Solo Run ( Making First, Uploading to Collabe Channels Then Once Completed, Upload to SexySandslash )


Pokémon Soul Silver Speed Run

Pokémon Pearl Walkthrough

MegaMan X

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