SexySandslash with Kirby.jpg SexySandslash with Kirby.jpg
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SexySandslash's Current Project is Kirby Squeak Squad.

The Only Way you can find out what SexySandslash's Up and Coming Projects in the About SexySandslash Section, noware else! :D

Also Soon there will a SexySandslash Kirby Icon and Backround for you all to enjoy! :DD

This is my Latest Icon Creations.

Please Let me know what you think in the Blog Section and Make sure to check back every weekend for a new Icon.

Below the Icons you can Save it and keep it for yourself. But please message me before using it for permission or if you want your own Icon. 

Don't Forget to check out all the free downloads over in the Download Section!

SexySandslash with Sandslash.jpg SexySandslash with Sandslash.jpg
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 Uploading Schedule:

Monday: Upload Kirby

Tuesday: Record Kirby & Pokémon Leaf Green

Wednesday: Upload Kirby

Thursday: Record Kirby

Friday: Record Pokémon Leaf Green

Weekends: Free Unless Loads of Videos

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