This is The Wallpaper Section.

Blastoise Desktop Wallpaper.

Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Desktop Wallpaper.

 Pikachu wallpaper.

 Pokémon Emerald Starter Pokémon Wallpaper.

Sandslash Wallpaper.

Pikachu Pocket Monster Wallpaper.

SexySandslash's Own Personal Desktop Wallpaper.

Cute Screen-shot from the Anime which i took myself, This is the only place you can get this wallpaper.

 Crushed Pikachu!

Ash and Pals.

Nintendo Controller.

Pokémon Heart Gold Characters.

 Pichu and Pikachu Desktop Wallpaper.

 Pokémon Emerald Wallpaper.

A cool Pokémon episode Screen-Shot which i have personally taken.

 Pokémon Kanto Starter Wallpaper.

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